Software built for the modern funeral home

Millennials will soon be the ones planning funerals, are you ready for them? Automate your business operations with powerful features and functions to help you service the next generation.

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Epilog is designed to grow and scale with your business and works for companies of any size. Discover easier invoicing, secure payments, digital document tools, and much more. Plus easy setup so you can get started right away.



$250 /mo

Per month billed annually, or $270

month to month 


Automate your customer communication

Create a more welcoming experience with a conversational chatbot for your website.

Epilog communication is a conversion chatbot that listens to the families that contacts you, answers their questions, captures contacts, and books meetings instantly. Automate your customer support while saving you time and money.

Train your chatbot to answer frequently asked questions to save time for the difficult ones.


It’s 2019, customer experience has become the ultimate differentiator. Empowering families with 24/7 self-serve support from wherever they are. No need to extend support hours or add new agents. 

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