About us

Funeral planning, simplified  

Funeral planning use to be manual. We’ve reimagined a whole new planning experience with technology to guide families through the purchasing decision. While also giving funeral homes the tools they need to spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping families through this tough time. 

Consider us your millennial coach

As a company founded by millennial ecommerce experts, our digital tools provide an experience for the future funeral planner. With most purchasing decisions already happening online, families expect an online alternative when the worst scenario happens. Need help preparing for the future? Our team will guide you through updating your online presence and setting up your online store. 

Why we started

Meet Effie Anolik, our founder who planned her first funeral at 28 and was surprised by the lack of online options, so she decided to fix that. A true expert in her field, she worked for Shopify, a large commerce platform powering over one million online stores. Effie is passionate about ensuring that others are able to plan a funeral from the comfort of their own home while experiencing the hardest times in their life.